Monday, January 30, 2012


So call us crazy but - 
we totally bought tickets to Hawaii last night for next month!!!!
One of Bentleys best friends is getting married in the Laie temple on the 21st :)

I absolutely LOVE celebrating LOVE, and will take any excuse to go to Hawaii. Plus we got married there, thats reason enough in itself to visit.... frequently right?! :P
We aren't living outside our means- or going irresponsibly overboard. The tickets were a screaming deal; practically begging us to buy them. Seriously this is the time of year to go to Hawaii! 
We are on a frugal newlywed budget, and keep to it very well. 
 BUT I did receive a very nice and unexpected reimbursement from Cuesta for OVERPAID tuition! Who does that? 
I won't blame it on the hair color that would be too easy and detrimental to all the beautiful and brainy blondes out there. 
After I updated my FAFSA to my now "married" status things changed in my favor with FAFSA
and voila

sportin the goggles

climbing trees

drinking these

eating sweets

running on rocks

hiking to water falls

swimming with three finned turtles :)

Christmas Our first one

So this is only a month late :) Here it goes, a few photos of our morning which was full of surprises!
He knows me sooooo well! 
I may or may not have woken up at an absurd hour that morning, our kids will love that someday.
As soon as I walked out of the bedroom I walked into this subtle note. Only to find just around the corner. . . 

This Beauty! (Bent is Good) 
My Vanity that I saved up for and bought when I was in 7th grade was stolen the first week we moved in. 
I love where we live, it's filled with darling people, but seriously. C'mon, we were obviously moving IN not getting rid of Beautiful furniture full of makeup and a few priceless pieces of jewelry. (I'm still a little sour about that) But my hubby did a great job picking this one out :)
Totally my style.

We enjoyed the rest of the morning relaxing, eating sun-dried tomatoe and artichoke heart omelets with smoked apple sausage, turkey bacon and cinnamon rolls go big or go home
Our first Christmas was so nice and relaxing. I cant wait for the next one!