Monday, August 27, 2012

Only A QUARTER of the year has passed since my last post....

Summer went by too fast, as it always does. We had an unusual summer, we spent the summer in one of the last places you want to be during the summer months, Las Vegas.  Needless to say I got a pretty good tan, lots of swim time, and napped a lot. The heat has a way of putting me right to sleep! 

My birthday dinner in Duckcreek, Utah during the crazy Murdock family reunion! Bentley thinks, and plans for EVERYTHING! Love my eagle scout, always prepared for whatever the occasion. 

family prayer outside church 

 did I mention I got to read a lot this summer?

I also had an exceptional amount of quality time with my in-laws. I will always hold this summer near and dear to my heart. The amount of time I got to spend with them is priceless.  

Bentley worked his butt off in the heat, literally. 
I don't know how he did it in 115 degrees somedays- I am so proud of my hubby. He provided a way for us to spend the summer   with family and still able to come back to our place in the SO much more appreciated San Luis Obispo.
Nothing like a little distance to make the heart grow fonder...
I mean, I cant walk down the street without thanking the good lord above for my job, and apartment, and roots in THIS city! We couldn't be happier at the moment anywhere else.
We are so blessed to have work elsewhere over summer just to return to this :)

Oh San Luis, how we love you!
We came home with  new car too :) Well a new to us car any ways... 
A spiffy black Honda Element (pictures to come soon)
It made for the best date night at the drive-in on one of our first night home. Perfect Bentley and Michelle style. It is so roomy, and the back seats come out super easily and an entire twin bed fits in the back!!!
Anything beats the trooper, bentleys previous car with 200,000 miles on it!
Yes the troop got a lotta lovin' and can now love on another family.

We had some wonderful adventures this summer, I will be documenting on the blog (no matter how many months late they are) the family reunion, my parents moving out of Coarsegold, my sweet Papa passing away, my Nana quit smoking at 80 YEARS old! 
Way to go!!! 
and so much more to look forward to on here :)

Happy Monday