Tuesday, October 30, 2012

thrifting and crafts


I turned one of my old skirts (I mean really old, from when I was in 9th grade old) into an apron. Last thing I would like to do is add some pockets. This would have been SO much quicker if I had a sewing machine!!! Christmas list necessity! 

Goodwill frames- $3 for the big one $2 for the little guy!

I am almost done with this jewelry display, minus the abundant amount of necklaces I have.  I will be adding hooks/knobs to hang them on. I am definitely pleased so far!

I was delighted when I found these Dexters. 
I rarely have good luck finding inexpensive shoes. Somehow and certainly without trying, I always fancy THE most expensive pair in the store.... Thrift wont break the bank. 
I found these kicks at Mission Thrift a.k.a. A Peek in the Attic for $6 bucks :)

  Zara coat $25 Misison Thrift

Ann Taylor LOFT blazer$5 Mission Thrift

I have already started picking things up here and there that I would like to put in the Nursery someday. 
Its never too early :) 
This was $2 bucks at Goodwill! You just cant buy embroidery like this anymore, its all poster prints. Not there is anything wrong with prints, I just prefer the older goods.

It was a most successful day of thrifting, can't wait to go again! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I have caught the running bug once again, thank heavens! 
Just in time for the holiday season says my waist line :) 
My hip flexors are SO tight, my feet are sore, and my ankles are definitely feeling it. But I can already see a difference in my quads, calves, and butt. It is seriously motivating to see results this quickly. The whole time I am running I tell myself to go faster so I can be done quicker. I love how good I feel in my own clothes and whilst eating copious amount of food when I am in a good running routine.
I really run for dessert. 
Hooray for speeding up my metabolism :)

This week I have logged 16 miles! That is just week one of my 12 week training schedule. The week is structured so that sundays are the high milage days to prepare for a half marathon since they are almost ALWAYS on Sundays. 
My plan is to see how I feel about running long distance and if I would like to do another half. Honestly I dont feel the need to do one again, the first time was great, I finished. 
End of story. 
But who knows, maybe once the miles get easier and go by faster I will be more competitive and want to better my time... maybe.

In the nice time- I will enjoy the ride!  

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Papa, the things I would tell you...

Today I miss my papa
my gran-dad
the old fishermen
the knowledgable litigator
hardest working man
most charitable
short on 'i love yous'
long on silence
sweet as can be

He passed away this year, this July a week before my 22nd birthday. 
I was fortunate enough to see him before he made his grand exit. 
Pancreatic cancer took him very quickly. 
He was literally gone within a few weeks after we found out he even had it! 
His last few days were not enjoyable, to say the least, so it was much better that it took him quickly. Nothing aches more than to think of him in sever pain for an unreasonable amount of time. 
I have to admit I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be when I got to him. Instead I was exceedingly happy for him, I knew what was in store for him and was barely able to shed a tear. 
Some of my family might even say I was too happy. That is okay.  
The truth is I was so excited for him to meet our heavenly father (again) and be reunited with his own mom and dad. He lost his father at a very, very young age. They must have a lot of catching up to do :)

I am so thankful for the truths I know from this gospel. 
I do not believe faith in heaven is something here on this earth just to serve us as a 'comfort' in times of need.  
Even though this is one of those obvious times...

Some of Papas last words regarding me were to 'make sure I finish school, and get my degree!!!' 
I can just imagine him thinking that now after all this time changing my major multiple times and plans I would immerse myself in to married life get pregnant and leave my education in the dust...
Quite contrary Papa, you know me so much better than that.
This month I started my Bachelors program and I wish so badly I could call you on the phone and tell you the great news! 
I wish I could hear you say "congratulations Michelle, I'm so proud, that is great to hear."

Well, when it is my time (many moons from now) and I am on my way up there to meet my maker, 
you better be there. I will be expecting a proud smile and a big ole' hug.

I love you so very much Papa

hope you are enjoying a million more guilt free, chocolate sundays in heaven :)