Thursday, May 15, 2014


My baby boy is 2 months! We have been in Utah for a month now and we are loving it. Sy (what we have been calling him) and I walk into town nearly everyday. Well, except for when it rains which has been most of this week, but I'll gladly  take it. I prayed like crazy for rain and a little wintery weathery before summer hits. We have met the owners of the little local cake and bakery, the antique store, the upcycled vintage finds, and the sewing/fabric shop. This small town living is real nice right. Sweet slow pace for me and a newborn. Everyone has of course loved Sy. He is not selective with his smiles so he gums just about anyone that flashes their pearly whites at him.
He also...

- Loves to unlatch mid feed and have a staring contest with me, he always wins, and it always end in big smiles before he goes right back to sucking.

-He has gained lots of good weight. His chunkiness is staring to show in his thighs, feet, double chin, and fatty hand dimples. Oh those dimples :) He is currently 13.8 lbs. and steadily gaining.

- Mornings are our favorite. He is usually up at 6 for 2 hours and then promptly goes down for his morning nap.  I am still letting him just sleep as long as he wants for that nap. That np is my safe haven, my sanity keeper, my busiest hours of the day. He needs it too, he is growing, and it doesn't seem to mess with our night routine. However, those afternoon naps have to be interrupted or else I will regret it at 2, 3, and 4 in the morning.

- I have never seen those wee hours more in my life... He normally sleeps really well, but man this boy can eat! He is always hungry. His fast metabolism definitely comes from Bentley.

- I love having a partner in calorie consumption!!!!!

- Sy enjoys reading with me in the morning right when we get up before a little yoga - never to young to start!

- His most talkative time of the day is also morning. Our conversations are the highlight of my day. I cant wait for his first words and phrases to start rolling. I constantly daydream about where it will happen, what he will say, and to whom.

- Bentley and I LOVE when he does this big long, sumo squat stretch while reaching for the sky in the middle of sleeping. Its hard to catch on camera, but I assure it is just about the cutest thing to whitness and hear.

- He loves attention, he craves eye contact, and always wants to be entertained.... it takes a lot if energy on our part at times. But this parenting stuff is the most rewarding 'job' ever ever ever!

- I found a little birth mark on his right inner thigh. Most likely  to be hidden by rolls soon ;)