Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Ambassador of San Luis Obispo is....

Bentley Murdock

Congratulations honey, you work so hard, all the time- but extreme effort was put into this campaign the last TWO months! Out of 40 + contestants, 3 weeks of voting, an hour and a half long interview in front the mayor, Rosetta Marketing reps, city reps and so many more...  YOU have proven yourself to be the best representative for Share SLO.
Boy the anticipation has been brewing like no other 

This has been such a fun experience so far. I can't wait to watch my husband in action representing the city. They really chose the right person for the job. 
I am one proud wifey!

to everyone who voted, wether it was one time or once a day for the entire campaign! This was a very demanding process, one that we felt hesitant about pushing too hard for fear of annoying friends and family, eventually running them off. 
But here we stand because of your support and enthusiasm!
WE really appreciate it.
I wish I could hug each and every one of you.

You can go here to check out what he will be doing as this adventure continues!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Etiquette Dinner 2013

So this one time we hosted a table at the annual youth etiquette dinner for our church. We had a table set for 8 with all the fixings; roses, candles, table runner, gold chargers, a friends' grandmothers gorgeous dishes, and enough silverware for thirty people!

Bentley and I love being apart of this youth activity. It's so fun to stir conversation among twelve and thirteen year olds during a four course meal. If I ate meals in courses like that all the time I would a lot less. I was full after the first two! But for the sake of propper etiquette facilitation, I ate :) I love being part of that preteen awkwardness, watching girls and boys learn to talk to one another, while helping them with formal table manners. Which is desperately needed for some.
Now I'm not saying Bentley and I have perfect manners...
This year I managed to send half my roll tumbling across the table, under my neighbors chair... 

Water was spilt and forks were dropped too. It was a very educational evening for us all

Looking forward to next year ;)
I only wish I had snapped a shot of Bentley and I!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Valentine

Last year consisted of a cozy night in with heart shaped pasta and a very fun photo shoot.

This year started out with a very quaint, romantic evening in Mitchel park. Bentley ordered take out from my favorite restaurant Big Sky Cafe and set up this little dinner for two under the Gazebo. He is such a sweetheart. when the power didn't work quite as he had planned, he rigged a flashlight onto the string of white lights he had originally hung so we weren't eating by very dim candle light. What a Murdock :)
Our Valentines definitely ended up  a whole lote more energized and public than last years... 

Bentley won most enthusiastic AKA most 'crazy person' at the 5 k run we did to help support the calpoly triathlon team and the local food bank here in San Luis Obispo.  
We had such a fun Valentines this year :) 
I am one luck girl!
I seriously love where we live, there is always something fun and healthy to do. My goal for the rest of the year is to do at least one running event per month, possibly 2 and by October do the City to Sea half marathon!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentines!

Much love 

Monday, February 11, 2013

oh happy day

I love 3 day weekends :) 
My school district took today off to recognize President Lincolns' birth.  
Thank you president Lincoln for being born and all the glorious things you did with your life, like establish the 14th amendment and put an end to slavery. 

The last day of a 3 day weekend is ALWAYS the best, in my opinion. 
I appreciate monday in a whole new way when I dont have to work and 
can do whatever my desire with whoever I please. 
Today was very eventful and oh so fun. 

It started with a sunrise hike to Bishops Peak at 5:45 am. 
Even though we do this hike fairly often, this time was different. 
It was so incredibly cold I almost decided to turn around and drive home a few minutes 
after we started the hike.... yup I was being a wuss. BIG time!
After making it to the top 10 minutes before the sun rose I was tremendously 
thankful I didn't turn back at the beginning. It was so worth the brain freeze and throbbing 
knees from the chilly air. I had to keep reminding myself that some people in the country
 just made it through Neemo, where feet of snow were dumped over night! I really dont
 have room to complain in California, on the central coast of all places, about poor weather. 

I finished the girls' Valentines for my Preschoolers. They will LOVE their flower hair clips
I painted my nails red with hot pink and violet sparkles ;) 
I baked dozens of coconut-chocolate chip cookies! heaven help my hips.
Got to work on Bentleys Valentine
We went to the Monarch Butterfly Grove in Pismo and saw the tail end of the Butterflies migrating through. 
Just in case you didn't know Monarchs travel here from 
Nov. - Feb. by the THOUSANDS and clump together in the 
eucalyptus trees. They look like halloween pinecones, its truly
magical to see so many at once.

We found a new beach spot we absolutely love, beween Avila and Shell beach. Well actually I found it. While the boys were being boys hopping fences and running off I went around the 'boring' way ;) and stumbled on a path leading to a beach entrance. It seems somewhat secret since it is a rope that hangs over a cliff to repel down on to this sandy, and slightly rocky spot. It's awesome. 

Bentley cooked a wonderful chicken Alfredo pasta for dinner and he dyed the noodles bright green haha. 

I have a bucket list for things I want to do in San Luis Obispo this year and we checked two of them off this weekend!

1. Solvang
2. Monarch Butterfly Grove

I have lived here almost 4 years now and there are STILL 
things I have not done or seen. 
So I am going to enjoy them all this year :)

where does earth end and heaven begin?

 Hmmm Nate, what happened to yours?

Hope your Monday was delightful, 
have an even better week!