Sunday, April 29, 2012


So this young man walked up to me last night in the middle of this darling old fashioned soda pop/candy shop in downtown SLO I could spend hours in, and asked what my name was. He was so direct and determined I thought maybe he was someone I had taken a class with and he was trying to recall the course. Or somehow he knew me from somewhere and was trying to remember... But no, there was a brief pause after my name was spoken and he continued to ask me out on a date! (Bentley and Nicole were standing very, very close by mind you) His words were something along these lines...

"I just wanted to let you know you are really, very, 
incredibly gorgeous and I am... well... I would like to 
know if you want to go out some time. For dinner or 
something. I mean I am busy right now with friends, 
we're going out to eat.... but maybe another time?"

There was a little stuttering and a few glances out the soda shop door in his friends direction. You could tell it was genuine by how nervous he was. (Although I did briefly wonder) I was seriously taken back, totally not expecting those words to come out of his mouth. That was about as precise and to that point any stranger has ever been with me. It took a lot of guts, which I immediately applauded him for, and then I introduced the husband. I felt bad for the guy, really I did, he was so sweet and so brave. It is surprising how few guys are willing to do that in public to a perfect stranger. Unless something/someone else is influencing their judgement.... take that however you like.

One thing I learned from this brave young man is to always speak your mind and let others know exactly how you feel, when you feel it. You will more often than not make someone's day. Life is sweet but short, so tell the girl at the grocery store how much you like her shoes, or the co-worker how pretty their handwriting is... or ask him out on a date, no need to wait for him to figure out how to do it. Show him. 

 I don't know about you, but I regret left unsaid silence more than wondering. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Engagement 1 year ago....

A year ago today my husband asked for my hand in marriage. A year ago today we began a new chapter in life with one another, hand in hand. 
Primer paso,
mano en mano.
(as our hand painted, home made reception plates say. we are a very crafty couple)
That night was full of surprises, family, the best of friends and good music. It could not have been any better. He asked me to marry him at his Music Academy graduation concert during his set (on stage) at SLO Brew. It was well planned and cleverly kept from he. He even called my best friends from out of town to make sure they could come to the concert and celebrate the moment with us :)
It was heavenly, dreamlike, perfect.

Thank you honey for taking such good care of me and working so hard.
Thank you for waking me when I am having a bad dream.
Thank you for 'back tickles' and rubbing my feet (my favorite) 
Thank you for singing to me and writing sweet love songs.
Thank you for your love notes.
Thank you for the often, no reason at all flowers.
Thank you for being such a spontaneous goof ball and knowing exactly how to make me relax and laugh.
Thank you for our fun, fun, fun adventures!

Thank you my darling.The best is yet to come!xoxo Mrs. Murdock

Friday, April 06, 2012

sporadic posting

SO I am not the most consistent blogger....
However I am trying. I try to remind myself how cool this will be when my kids are older and i want to share it with them. Not just my old tattered journals that may fall apart with the way i abuse them.
With out further adieu my feeble attempt to make up for lengthy absence-
This last month in a nut shell-

  • I officially started working in a second grade classroom and fell in love. In love with the classroom, the students, the teachers, the curriculum, the way the class functions, just about everything. Now I am confused about Preschool and what age i like working with most.
  • The leprechaun came and tore our classroom apart!
  • My dangerously handsome husband turned 31!!! (yes we are 9 years apart in case you were actually wondering)
  • I became obsessed with the hunger games and read all three books in 12 days... Bentley forgot who his wife was... i was 'non-existent'! I am already barreling through another book though, just not at the expense of quality time with the rest of the world ;)
  • I realized how much i love instagram, but I am not to the point of obsession yet.
  • Bentley got another A+ for his final grade in his class for Full Sail University
  • I went line dancing EVERY thursday night with Nicole! I'm no pro but I am having A LOT of FUN!!!!! I will be getting a nice new pair of boots once I reach a goal i set for myself in my work out routine. 
  • Bentley and I went to the mountains for the first part of spring break and watched conference with the family :)
  • I was attacked.... by a flu virus that rung out my innards and turned me into a dehydrated mess of unquenched curls. I literally could not make a tear fall from my eye i had so little water in my system. Or else, trust my I would have been sobbing.
  • Bentley and I started sanding and painting furniture to revive some of our things and put our guest room / office / music room in order. It is lookin great I cant wait until it is all done!
  • Oh and I was awarded enough in grant money to take care of college tuition costs with out taking out a loan (fingers crossed)

There you have it. Now I may go on attempting to update my blog daily with out feeling too badly about all the 'major happenings' i missed!                                  Have a beautiful friday