Wednesday, September 10, 2014

6 months

I can't believe my baby is half a year old already (I know I sound like a broken record here, but truly...) 


- 22 pounds :O

- Rolls on the floor everywhere!!

- loves to grab faces and pull them close to his

- dreams vividly, his face and body show how much he is doing in his dreams. and he often coos and sometimes yells in his sleep. (as I am typing this I can hear him snorting and kicking haha)

- Sy LOVES sweet potatoes, anything I am in the middle of eating, corn cobs, almond milk, rice milk, brown rice, and ALL fruits. He is a little eating machine.

- He is SO incredibly close to crawling its cute. He is trying so hard that he gets frustrated rather quickly and then pouts on the floor for a moment before rolling over and trying again.

- He does this new thing where he arches his back (either against me or away from me) and grunts reeeeally loudly when he wants to be put down or moved around, or I don't know why sometimes. 

- Sy is not selective with his smiles, he flashes a big gummy smile with his whole face. I htink the best part of his smile are his eyes. 

- When he is getting closer and closer to bed time he turns around and looks up at me puts his hand under my chin and tries to suck on my face.... as if to say, hey mom if I can't have your boob, well then I guess your face will have to do...

- 2 teeth have finally popped through and I think the top 2 are on their way. 

- Sy loves to play in leaves and look up the trees. He especially loves to spin around outside with dad. 

- He is so calm and even tempered, he really is happy most of the time and watches everything around him. I can't wait to see more and more of his personality come out. 

My baby really is a big cuddle bug, I prayed hard for that. 
He loves to sleep with me and/or bentley. We are trying hard to make the crib a routine. it works great for the first half of the night but by 1 in the morning I want to cuddle so badly too its just not worth it! In the bed he goes :) 
Our place is so tiny right now anyways we might as well all be piled in the same bed. 
Thats the way we like it. 

My boy is my boy is my boy. He is all mine :) and I love him so much.