Thursday, April 10, 2014

1 Month Old

Wow time has just flown by! 
I can't believe my boy is a month old already. It's funny how the days can be so long, but the weeks are so fast. Having a baby has changed the way Bentley and I perceive time. When we lay in bed with him all bundled up, happily staring at the ceiling fan, hours could go by and we could hardly notice. 
Azure you are so mesmerizing, papa and I are so so so in love.  There are no words to describe the depth of our love for you.

You have such a cute little attitude. If there is something off that you don't like, say a hand on your cheek, or bum, or feet you definitely let us know. When you're irritated for those reasons you give the stink eye and grunt, and occasionally buck.  Its pretty hilarious... most of the time.

When you go to sleep you LOVE to be rocked hard. I mean super forcefully, to the point where I wonder if all the milk I just gave you is going to come back at me just as forcefully.  But you are a movement junkie to the core, just like pa.

You burp like a grown man, seriously. Must be from the clark side of the family ;)

There are days when you look like a little old man to me. And then others when I see my newborn babe.

The water is your happy place, just like mama. I can tell I'll be teaching you how to swim extremely early. Your body calms so much that your arms and legs hang down behind you. And you normally pee a couple times in the warmth of the shower or bath. It is darling, but maybe only to your mom :)

Sometimes you giggle in your sleep. Your breathing quickens and I always think you are about to cry or get fussy and then a sweet smile spreads across your face and laughter fills the room.
These are the moments I live for.

You have finally taken to the binky. Finding your own fingers has not been an easy thing... I still have hope. Because man, when you lose that binky from yawning or just drifting to sleep enough to relax your jaw the whole world knows it! And until you can put it back in your mouth. . .

You are holding you're head up on your own SO well. Seriously for the last 2 weeks dad and I are blown away. When you hold your head up you arch back and look for our eyes and stare. You stare so deep, so inquisitively.

I love how you latch to our shirts and thumbs with your hands. When we sleep face to face you always do this.

Bentley says he has never seen or felt a newborn push so hard with his legs to stand. (and he had 28 nieces and nephews when I married him, WAY more experience with babies than me) When he holds you in a sitting up position you full on stand with his support under your arms. Lets start with crawling though, mama is a little worried about the toddler antics ahead. 

My boy, you are one month old today, and this is a smidgen of who you are.
I love you a bushel and a peck.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

I love conference weekends. I am a Latter Day Saint if you didn't already know, and twice a year there is a conference held in Salt Lake City where we get to hear the prophet.
April conference reminds me of when I met most of Bentleys' family. It was also the first time I ever  went to conference. He has 7 brothers and 1 sister it was a crazy fun weekend, one could hardly forget the chaos! I couldn't help but reminisce this year as I sat on the couch with my boys, my boys hmmmm feels so good to say that. Just 3 years ago I was getting to know this  wonderful family and now here I am, with my first child- a wife, a mother, an aunt of 31 nieces and nephews. I am part of something far better than I had ever imagined. 
God always out does my wildest dreams
I am so grateful for that.

We snuggled, ate pancakes, jumped in the freezing cold the pool (I watched from a safe splash free distance),  soaked in the messages from those who gave talks. 
I especially loved the one that said
"in His plan there are no true endingsonly everlasting beginnings"
Isn't that the truth!

these photos are just because I am so in love...