Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pasta, Cobbler and Apples to Apples

I am lucky enough to have just enjoyed some of Nicole Chirolos' cookin'. Man, am I glad to know her! We used to have a cooking night together every wednesday.... but when schedules get busy things like that get crowded out. I hope we start those up again this month (with me about to get married i can use all the deep fried tips i can get). Since I am the type of cook to look more at the nutritional value, amount per ingredient and variety of food groups in a dish I sometimes forget to consider the most essential part of cooking- How homey does this taste? How memorable is this? Does this need MORE butter?
My personal answer is always no, or lets find something better for you to substitute for that. But ya know, sometimes it just isn't worth it. I would run 10 miles everyday to eat what Nicole made tonight. Speaking of running I am already planning on a niiiiice long one tomorrow after work because I ate my fair share AND walked away with a whole cobbler to bring home for Bent and I later! I will of course return the dish full, with cheesecake most likely, since that is my specialty and her and Mike (her future very lucky husband) fancy cheese cake. Never return a dish empty my mom always says!

Nicole is full of cooking tips from her mom, dad and grandparents. I am so thankful to learn from her and simply watch her in her element. My mom didn't do too much serious cooking. She is mostly a baker, hence my cheese cake specialty among other baked goods :) (which I am just as thankful for!) Tonight Nicole made a wonderful salad packed with veggies, topped with balsamic and oil. We had Pasta that her family has every christmas. It is home made up at this place in San Francisco, you can really tell! I have never had more deliciously soft tongue melting pasta.... And thats saying alot. To say I LIVE for italian food is an understatement. She topped it with a sauce her mother makes, and served it with french bread and fresh grated parmesan.

We played Apples to Apples while we waited for the nectarine/peach cobbler to cool. It was a lovely evening, I cant wait to share more of our cooking trials and triumphs.

Nicoles tip for the evening-
-you know raviolis are done when they float.
That may be simple common knowledge, but to me it was news! Just wanted to pass it along :o) 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Breakfast in Bed

I don't know why I have such an obsession with food, but really I do. I love eating so eating nutritionally healthy well balanced meals is in my caloric intakes best interest. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, and when I say "day" I mean any time of day.

FIRST tip on cooking a healthier breakfast- try coconut oil or olive oil instead of butter to fry or slap on toast.
SECOND- wheat instead of white pretty much always
THIRD - always incorporate fruit
FOURTH - try to get some protein in there... egg whites are the best, or a handful of almonds will do.
LAST but not least NEVER skip breakfast! No matter how much of a hurry you are in it is the most important meal of the day! Our bodies metabolism start as soon as we feed it. If you are trying to lose weight, or simply maintain weight, breakfast is vital. Something as small as handful of blueberries with a banana would suffice if you're on the run, no matter what don't skip! Skipping may lead to bigger, heavier meals later in the day that are unnecessary  for our daily diet. My motto is "Eat like a cow and graze all day!

Friday, July 22, 2011


I just had one of the best birthdays, it's definitely on my top 3 birthday list now.

It started off with a free Panera pastry (doesn't get much better then free) Apple Crunch. YUM! I spent my peaceful morning reading, I finally finished The Help I highly recommend that book!

I Painted my nails lavender with sparkles, yes I am now 21 years young (: I walked to the PO Box to get all my mail/birthday letters :) i love snail mail! *hint hint

Parents, In-laws, and First Presidency

Then I met my handsome soon to be husband at Red Hot Pottery. This is a tradition that I just can't let die. I have done this every year since I was 12!
This is what Bentley and I created. . . 

I love how much he gets into it, he is extremely artistic and creative.

 My ideal birthday :)

He brought a huge bowl of fruit to snack on, he knows me sooo well.

Our wedding plates say. . . first step. hand in hand, (in spanish)The begging of outfitting our home.

 And of course we had to wrap it up with delicious italian food! 

Shouting Happy Birthday at the top oh his lungs while throwing confetti in the air all around us was definitely unexpected and SO much fun. 
Somewhere between Painting and eating I lost and found my wallet, thanks to the old couple that turned it in, and we saw Winnie the Pooh!!!!! It is such an adorable movie. We went to music at the Mission in down town SLO. Everything about today was Lovely. I am so happy :) I hope you are too!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Beignets and Mason Jars....

Today Bentley and I went out to breakfast (my favorite meal of the day)! We went to my favorite restaurant in town too, Big Sky Cafe. (I totally didn't rhyme on purpose)
Man it's been a while since I have been there.
I have tried nearly everything on their menu and have never been unsatisfied. I always leave happy, full, and relaxed. 
We decided to give Beignets a try and they were out of this world, especially the chocolate ones :o) The other 2 are fresh raspberry and a simple plain one. It reminded me of the line from Princess and the Frog "Make me some of you man catching beignets Tiana, I'm gunna catch me my prince tonight."
All the other goodness on the table is huevos rancheros; an all organic and vegetarian plate, fresh fruit with granola, and toast with fresh tart jam. Still not convinced that this is the best place to eat in SLO? 

Then we came across a sign that said home and garden everything must go TODAY! We ended up finding 11 mason jars that we will use for the reception (and for lights in our future home I'm sure) for RIDICULOUSLY cheap. 

All in all today was full of great finds and food! Now for some good sleep, because Harry Potter midnight showing took alot out of me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Live Oak

This was Bentley MurdockThe Soul Purpose sound check at Live Oak Music Festival 2011.
Look at the darling little boy sitting at Bent's feel listening so intently, he is soooo CUTE! 

I love his voice, lyrics and stage presence. My fiance is so talented!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


J- just give in to the love all around you
O- over do every act of kindness
Y- your sorrows will teach you joy
{doodle from a sisters talk on joy}

I love being at church with my family. Strong emphasis on with.... Even though i miss Bentley dearly I had a wonderful time at church. 

The message that stood out to me most (mainly because I just told my dad about this last night) was that you get what you attract. The law of attraction, be a positive person, and easily motivated personality, the glass is ALWAYS half full kinda character. Things in life will simply happen for you because those are the signals and vibes you are sending out in to the universe. What that says about a person who is always stuck in traffic, late, frustrated, or short changed.... Well... stop looking for it and waiting for it to happen. Have high and mighty expectations for your day! :o)

I know this is nothing new or original. In fact the movie The Secret is based on this theory entirely. The fact that my and I were just talking about it the night before  basically confirms the theory itself! I love when that kind of stuff happens. 

Anywhoo, moral of the message- be driven, take courage everywhere you go, make things happen by attraction and the effort you put forth. You can't hit a target you haven't identified! I strongly believe this. The easily motivated and eager to do are the most blessed in this life.

And So It Begins

Today started out with a bike ride
a snake in the pool
really yummy breakfast 
and feeding my dad french toast....

I cant wait till he can move his arms and hands a little better. don't get me wrong I absolutely love serving in any way I can and helping my mom out with the little things. Plus my dad has the MOST positive mood possible considering his situation. I love coming home, there is no place like the mountains. However, being away from his injury makes it easy to forget how serious it really is and how my families lives are changing. Forever.

Today ended with a sun burn [im thinking finally its summer]
a bunny rescue out of the pool
delicious home made nachos
and tucking my dad in :)