Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SKY Diving

I jumped out of an air plane 10,000 feet above the ground!
with Sky Dive Pismo

My home looked like a little ant on a beautiful picnic blanket.

I still can't believe I did it. 
I was SO scared, literally. My fear was all over my face. My facial expressions actually made sky diving look painful. I am sure all the guys back at the sky dive shop are having a good laugh! 
You better believe I will be claiming guts and glory from this stunt for quite a while.
I dont even know how to begin to describe what it feels like... 
but I will try

Sky Diving was not what I was expecting what-so-ever. I was waiting for the most insane  tummy tickles the entire plane ride up, but as soon as my Lucky Jeans left the side door of that plane the only thing I felt was adrenaline. 
The rush of a lifetime. 
And pressure, lots of pressure from the wind. 
It felt like the wind was pushing my entire body up into the clouds but my weight was resisting it, or falling into it. Gravity was pulling me back to earth but the wind was pushing me up. My heart was racing almost as quickly as my thoughts, and if it wasn't the jump that took my breath away the view of the central coast was enough. The Pismo Dunes and the foothills are gorgeous from any angle but I have to admit there is nothing quite like real life arial view! 

A few tips from my first jump

1. If you are reeeeally nervous dont drink too much water the day of.... I think thats what saved me from peeing my pants :)

2. open your eyes THE ENTIRE TIME!

3. Keep your chin up, look out at the horizon. My tandem mate said that multiple times beforehand but my mind was going too quick to remember. Looking back on the pictures I really wish I had...

4. Go with a group, nothing like peer pressure ;)

5. Pretend the plane engine went out and the cock pit is on fire! Everyone is jumping off that ride!!!

6. Just think BANANA 

7. Hakunamatata

Now I can't stop thinking about being a bird and want to go again!
But this time HIGHER!!!

I was shaking with fear, nerves, and excitement. 


Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear

Eyes finally open 

Here I go taking the reins


At the time I didn't know he was also holding the billows just above my hands. Thats how mesmerized I was!  Bahahaha thanks for the allusion of total control during the coast down... probably safer this way!

So thankful for a safe soft landing! Pat ROCKS!!!

Glen Lauterbach is like a second father and one big teddy bear!

He and Leslie went before Bentley and I. I knew that if they went first and didn't back out there was NO WAY I could chicken out.

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