Tuesday, December 02, 2014

exciting news!

We are having another baby! 
I am pregnant again!!!
We are beyond thrilled and feel so blessed to be able to have another baby so quickly. I wasn't sure how my body, my hormones, or my cycle (to be quite honest) would adjust after birth. I heard it might take 9 months just to have a period again, and part of me really wanted that, but the other part knew I wanted another one soon (baby, that is)! I didn't know how long I might HAVE to wait to have another precious little baby. I feel incredibly blessed to have conceived so soon after, right when we wanted. I understand that is not the case for a lot of women and I don't take that blessing lightly. I am so grateful for the miracle that pregnancy is. I attribute this blessing to living the Word of Wisdom, fully, wholly, and completely. We are so happy to have kids close in age. My only sibling and I are 8 YEARS apart and I knew growing up I wanted my kids to be closer.  back to back- 1, 2, 3....4 ? who knows! Maybe this time around will be twins and I will be done! Ya just never know what the future holds. No matter how you try and plan, it isn't always up to us. But when my plans happen to match up with the Lord's plans, I am ever so grateful.  And so is Bentley. 
Speaking of Bentley, he has been my rock the last few weeks. I have been so sick with regular pregnancy nausea, the stomach flu, sore throat, sleep deprivation. (we are trying to transition to bottle only for our little man. Anyone with sound advice on how to stop the night nursing, please! I AM ALL EARS!!!) 
One night, I was hugging the toilet, dry heaving till my eyes nearly fell out, while Bentley was in the tub next to me holding our puking baby over the drain. Poor little baby got whatever I had through my breast milk, I think. It was so sad to see him throwing up so intensely. It was a night we won't soon forget, no mater how hard we try. I must have washed EVERY blanket in our house after that puke sesh! My first pregnancy was nothing like this. Some say I'm having a girl, others say maybe altitude? We are still undecided if we are going to find out the gender this time. By we, I mean me. Bentley loves the surprise, if I can just hold out! It was thrilling and motivating to find out Azure was who he is, for the first time at his birth, but we will see if my patience can stand it this time. 

So there is our exciting BIG news! 

Baby Murdock coming in June, 
or late July (with the way I carry).
I am mentally preparing either way. :)

Its crazy to think I will be pregnant 2 halloweens in a row, 2 anniversaries in a row, 2 christmas's, and new years,  and easters..... iyiyiyi. This chapter is wild and full of diapers :) 

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Taylor Winters said...

So so happy! And you poor mama, try to get some sleep and get better :(