Wednesday, March 20, 2013

School... and Babies

So I have a lot on my mind about babies.

I feel the need to get it all down so that I can make room for my studies... My brain just works that way.     (if you could see my to-do lists you would be amazed at what little details I write!) 
Bentley and I are getting serious about bringing our first sweet babe into this world! Not like tomorrow or anything that soon, unfortunately. However I am going to stop by the birth center next week to check it out and probably rent books from their library. 
Babies and library books- best of both worlds :)

I plan on an all natural birth, preferably in the water with a midwife. I am still undecided if I want it to be at home or at the center. Maybe after a visit to the birth center and talking to a few midwives I will make up my mind with certainty. I know the answer will come to me, I have time to think.  I am open to going to the hospital, in an emergency... but that is really the extent of my desired involvement with hospitals and birth. 
More importantly I have always felt that bringing a new soul into this world naturally, in a calm & familiar environment, with as little stress as possible, never breaking that strong connection between infant and mother, is the absolute healthiest way to do it. Who needs an epidural? Let the oxytocin flow! Everything inside of me tells me it is the best way for me. Not for everyone, true, but for me it is instinctual. I have always been  super opinionated about drugs, doctors and the 'business' of being born, ever since I heard my birth story.  I'll just leave it at that....
You can look into it for yourself and make an educated decision. 

 Im looking for a wonderful midwife too so if you have any recommendations let me know! I am tickled just thinking about it. Bentley and I are so ready. 

There is one little thing standing in the way.... My Bachelors Degree program with WGU (Western Governors University) is not finished yet, not really even close. And the last 12 weeks of my program include student teaching! I can't exactly student-teach with a new born on my hip. So I will probably end up student-teaching with a belly-bump. Because patience has never been my strong suit and Bentley has been ready since... always. :) And even then, it's a ways off, but I am a PLANNER, I like to at least 'feel' that I have control of everything (haha) 

So here's to the beginning of a very exciting journey! 
I consider all the reading and investigating I've been doing (and will continue to do), the same as... Well...
...A positive pregnancy test. :)


Ariel Eastburn said...

Ok I HAD to read this when I noticed something about natural birth. It's definitely gained a lot of popularity with our generation, and I'm so happy! I have lots of opinions about it hahah it was a big focus of study for me in undergrad.

You should definitely talk to Justine McManis! My sister-in-law, Kelsey Eastburn, also did an at-home water birth with a midwife named Tiffany from the Santa Lucia Birth Center in SLO. She had nothing but good things to say about her :)

Bentley and Michelle said...
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Bentley and Michelle said...

I haven't left a comment on my own blog before I dont know how to tag you or find your blog so I hope you get this Ariel! I just emailed Justine yesterday because i saw her on the birth centers website as the apprentice and recognized her from church! Small world!
I also know Kelsey (a little bit) my husband fixed her husbands guitar haha :) He has known them for awhile. I had no idea she did a home birth though! Thank you for connecting the dots for me, she will be a great person to ask all my questions and get more info about midwives face to face. I have heard about Tiffany I'll have to talk to Kelsey about her experience with her too!
Thank you so much for your input!!!

Shea Main said...

If any can do it its you. I tried going without and it hurt so badly, but my experience was the best possible and I do not regret anything. I am so excited to see curly haired minimes of you guys (one day). Good luck. You should check out Mama Natural on youtube.