Monday, March 25, 2013

Inaugural Dinner & Ball for the Officers of the Elks

Over the weekend we got some spring cleaning done and regular chores around the house. Nothing too exciting, but definitely more relaxing than work and the daily grind.

However, Saturday night we were invited by our landlord to attend a ceremony for the swearing in of new officers in the Elk's Lodge. Not just invited, Bentley was asked to be the Master of Ceremonies for this event. Now, I have to admit I had NO IDEA what the Elk's Lodge was or what they did before Saturday night. 
All I knew was that there was an Elk's Lodge in the town I grew up in.... I grew up in a mountain town near Yosemite and my idea of what the 'lodge' was, consisted of a huge tavern filled with hunters, hanging around a bar swapping hunting stories and tips, with high ceilings and elk heads hanging from the walls from past hunts. Not to be rude or anything, I was just really ignorant and hadn't the slightest clue!

I am pleased to tell you that I learned a lot Saturday night. The Elk's are a nonprofit organization built to support their community through service. 
How awesome?! 
What a far cry from hunters bragging about their biggest kills over drinks!!!
 There is an annual fee to be apart of the Lodge and you have to be invited by other members. So it may seem a little stuck up from the outside looking in. But really, it is full of wonderful people looking to serve in their community and find their niche. 
Our landlord is one of them, she was actually one of the new officers being sworn in. She is such a doll. Sweet to the core, that one! We really lucked out in the landlord department.

San Luis Obispo has one of the largest, active Elk's Lodges in the state. 
SLO is full of serviceable locals, so eager to give back to their community.
Just one of the many reasons why SLO is so happy. :)

It was a great way to spice up the usual weekend routine and get all gussied up. 
Now I'm on spring break and get to celebrate Bentleys birthday tomorrow and welcome some of the Murdock family to our neck of the woods. What a wonderful Tuesday it will be.
This is our first time having them on the central coast!!!
AND it is just for fun, no weddings, births, or baptisms needed to get them here ;)

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