Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I know I know I missed the 4 month post, but ya know life happens and it is often too fast to keep up with! July is one heck of month for us, it always has been; with holidays, my birthday, family reunions, and summer trips. I'll have to do a post on our California trip later on, it deserves its' own post. I want to have that documented while its fresh in my mind.

Anyways, without further ado here is our little (big) boy at 5 months!

- 18.4 pounds
- 29 inches long
- 90th percentile (not sure how important this is, but i looked it up anyways)
- loves mango, watermelon, peaches, apples, avocado, rice, sweet potatoes, water from MY cup!

- climbed out of his crib..... yea, I cried. Thought he was going to be traumatized, but when I RAN into his room to see him lying ON THE GROUND he smiled at me. Scared me half to death.
- SY absolutely loves face time with just about anyone but his cousins in particular are his favorite people to be around.
- uncle Noah brings a smile and a laugh to his face, always.
- Sy LOVES cheerleaders.... no other way to put it. I don know if it is their sparkly pom poms or makeup drenched faces that he likes. This new found love was realized at our small town parade last week. I had to walk along side the cheerleaders during the parade to keep him from crying. Oh boy.
- He is trying to be more and more independent at the table, reaching for the spoon and feeding himself. If I don't let him try alone he makes sure I know that he is frustrated by that.
- The only time he is ever really fussy is when we are all eating as a family and he can't have exactly what we are having! It could be worse, I am glad that is the extent of his worries :)
- outdoor lover, we walk everyday for miles
- I am sure he recognizes Shawn T's voice from the INSANITY workout tapes ;) yes I do that, and yes he loves to watch and even laughs when I move really fast.
- Sy does this intense sitting up position from his back  that looks like boat pose, his abs are certainly strong as a result.
- He thinks he going to get up and walk before learning to crawl.
- He loves sitting in the tee-pee in the morning while I get breakfast ready. He plays with toys and his toes.
- Since the discovery of his own feet he can't get enough of them!
- Loves dads nose... I mean LOVE LOVE LOVES his nose. He must think if he tries hard enough milk will come out.
- Getting more adventurous in the water and started splashing around in the pool and bath tub

We love you honey bear.
every roll, every dimple, every smile, every spit up, and every blow out poop.

You are the happiest babe ever :)

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Taylor Winters said...

So darling! His big gummy smile is to die for!